strategic and innovative Offshore logistic hub

Run your offshore & energy operations from a future-proof logistics hub where some 50% of the energy generated by the Netherlands comes from. Choose perfectly designed strategic hubs to expand your offshore operations.

The benefits of
offshore hub Eemshaven

The Swiss plus for every offshore operation

Our tenants are looking for neighbours! Discover Eemshaven’s ambitious opportunities and grow your offshore operations. Eemshaven is the perfect place for offshore, energy and storage. Innovate from future-proof, cost-effective and highly sustainable offshore hubs.

With direct access to the North Sea and proximity to major wind farms, you will develop your offshore logistics without compromising on sustainability. That is the Swiss A Plus standard of Necron, the driving force behind hub Eemshaven.

Can you picture it? Discover Eemshaven today and take your offshore operations further.



including 2,400 m2 of office space (partly already leased)


metres harbour depth

Directly by the Northen Sea Route


cargo docks

Direct connection to all of Europe



from 6,000 m² to 20,000 m²

Location Eemshaven

Excellent hub for your offshore operations

Only develop your Offshore & Energy operations from the very best onshore logistics hubs. Choose a strategically located Necron hub in Eemshaven that suits your offshore organisation’s ambitions. Our hubs are future-proof, cost-effective and strategically located for almost all offshore & energy operations in the North Sea.

Eemshaven is the energy heart of the North. As a landing point for offshore wind energy, Eemshaven is home to the NortH2 project, a major production facility for green hydrogen powered by renewable electricity.

Furthermore, Eemshaven has several large power plants and a number of high-voltage and medium-voltage substations. EemsEnergyTerminal also developed a new floating LNG terminal in Eemshaven.

This makes Eemshaven, with Necron’s BREEAM-excellent A Plus hubs, the best choice for your logistics warehouse operation.


A Plus for every offshore operation

The Swiss standard can be recognised in every detail of this offshore hub:

+ Concrete floor with floor load of 5 tonnes/m²
+ Pilot roof that allows daylight into the building beautifully
+ Suitable logistics warehouse for transport with heavy trucks
+ Innovative office spaces and plenty of parking
+ BREEAM-excellent certification contributes to ESG impact

Unit A

20832 m²
12 docks

Unit B

19.523 m²
9 docks

Unit C

5.878 m²
8 docks

Unit D

6.119 m²
4 docks

Unit E

6.119 m²
4 docks

Unit F

8.879 m²
8 docks

Plattegrond Eemshaven
Overhead doors
1 per unit
Max. floor loading warehouse
5,000 kg/m² m
12,2 meters
Solar panels
On the roof
Daylight transmission
Optimal for employees
Fully fenced
Multiple sliding and access gates


Q3 2024

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Why offshore from Eemshaven?

Eemshaven is ideal for offshore and energy operations because of its strategic location by the North Sea, deep waters and extensive port facilities. This makes Eemshaven extremely suitable for the construction and maintenance of offshore wind farms. In addition, Eemshaven offers access to essential energy infrastructure, such as large power plants and LNG terminals.

The benefits of Eemshaven

Eemshaven is ideal for offshore & energy operations. Firstly, the deep-water port can accommodate large ships and heavy offshore equipment. Secondly, direct access to the North Sea is ideal for wind farm development and maintenance. In addition, Eemshaven offers a robust infrastructure of energy facilities. It is essential for efficient offshore & energy operations.

The A+ standard of Necron’s Eemshaven hub

Necron’s offshore & energy hub in Eemshaven carries our Swiss plus in every respect. For example, we designed the hubs in Eemshaven using modern construction techniques developed by the renowned architecture firm RAU. The hubs have high energy efficiency and integration of renewable energy sources; such as solar panels.
With high construction and environmental standards, such as our excellent BREEAM certification, the units in Eemshaven are prepared for the future – whatever it brings.

Necron’s innovative benefits

Offshore & Energy operations choose Necron because of our proven expertise in developing excellent, sustainable real estate projects. All Necron projects are both economically and ecologically future-proof.

From our Swiss origins, we place strong emphasis on reliability, integrity and safety. This makes us an ideal development partner for anyone who values sustainability, innovation and long-term value of offshore hubs.


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